222417, Minsk region., Vileyka, st. Guerrilla, 40

Phone: +375 (1771) 4-22-11

Operating mode: 08.30 - 17.30, перерыв 13.00 - 14.00


  • Nadezhda-tour, a Nadezhda XXI Century branch providing educational and tourist services

Village of Budishche, Vileika region, 222410
Director: Galina Voitus
Phone: +375 1771-5 00 75; +375 29-143 49 63

Nadezhda Children Health Care Centre is located in a local pinery, far from highways and large settlements, 1.2 kilometres away from the Vileika reservoir. The centre offers holidays for children and families. You can hold a corporate party, a seminar or a conference there. Besides, the centre has a modern cultural and sports facilities such as a sports hall, mini football ground, playgrounds for kids. The centre offers a wide range of heath care services, balneary, saunas. Specialists of the centre have rich experience in organizing various cultural, sports and other events.

  • Viliya farmstead

2, Chapayeva street, Vileika,
Owner: Evgeny Dreer
Phone: +375 1771-5 84 65; +375 29-190 02 48

You are offered to have a rest in a comfortable cottage and visit a sauna.

  • Nikolai &Co farmstead

Village of Razdory, Vileika region, 222419
Owner: Nikolai Ermolaev
Phone: +375 29-649 08 26

The farmstead is placed on the village edge far from busy highways. Cottage, fresh air and traditional Belarusian cuisine will make your rest unforgettable. There is a pond to fish there.

  • Rechnaya farmstead

Village of Krasnitsa, Vileika region, 222418
Owner: Igor Gvozdev
Phone: +375 29-636 74 09;  +375 29-855 45 57

Wonderful nature, virgin river, calm of the countryside will make your rest unforgettable. You will have an opportunity to visit local places of interest, make interesting forest walks. Cozy rooms with all modern facilities, healthy farm food, delicious barbeque, banquets and mansard rest… All this will make your stay at the Rechnaya farmstead pleasant and comfortable!

  • Dvor Starinki equestrian centre

Village of Starinki, Vileika region, 222442
Owner: Elena Volkova
Phone: +375 29-646 60 64; +375 29-551 60 64
The farmstead is open to guests from autumn to spring. You have an opportunity to take rides and to live in a real rural environment: Russian-style oven, sauna, pancakes and barbeque. Those who want to meet challenges and spend unforgettable time in a good company are invited for camping in the Vileika, Myadel and Naroch regions. Various routes are available, both for pleasure and sports. The duration of the route is up to you!