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The special section "Electronic Appeals" was created to receive electronic applications from citizens and legal entities addressed to the Vileika District Executive Committee, its structural divisions, the Vileika District Council of Deputies , in accordance with Article 25 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of July 18, 2011 "On Appeals of Citizens and Legal persons ".

Not considered:

  • appeals to be considered in accordance with the legislation on constitutional legal proceedings, civil, civil procedural, economic procedural, criminal procedural legislation, legislation defining the order of the administrative process, legislation on administrative procedures, employee appeals to the employer, as well as other appeals, in respect of which the legislative acts establish a different procedure for their submission and consideration;
  • appeals containing questions that are not within the competence of the district executive committee;
  • appeals of foreign citizens, stateless persons and legal entities who are not in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Please note that if incoming electronic appeals of similar content from different applicants are of a mess character (more than ten appeals), the responses to such appeals by the decision of the district executive committee’s leadership are placed in the " Answers to the most frequently asked questions " in the heading" Appeals of citizens and legal entities "without sending answers (notifications) to applicants.

Requirements for electronic applications of citizens

Requirements for electronic applications of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

The procedure for the submission and review of electronic applications, cases of abandonment of applications without consideration of the merits

Applicants' Rights and Their Implementation

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